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This article is about how to look stylish and classy on New Year Eve

1. Shop around.
Knowing all available options will give you a peace of mind. Make a list of local providers, browse their websites or Facebook pages. Make notes: "like", "love", "not sure", "don't like". Things to look for are proximity, if posts are current, style of...

This spring we see flowers everywhere literally. Flowers are outside on our lawns, on clothes, on hair and of course makeup is not an exception. Drawing flowers on your face could be a way to show your romantic nature. Adding flowers to your eyeshadow, eyeliner...

Cold weather and pre holiday stress affects our skin tremendously. Dryness, dullness and sensitivity are some but not all skin conditions bothering our skin during winter.

There are some simple ways to correct these and other skin conditions:
1. Drink more water is...

      Let's talk about waxing down there like it is a normal beauty service. Exactly, BEAUTY because the first purpose of smooth hairless V area is a staple of trend in beauty... not! It's a myth that girls (and sometimes boys) want no hair their just be...

White and blue will be colors to wear this holiday season.

Silver and gold accessories will add festivity to monochrome outfit looks.

Holiday makeup looks will have to be all about sparkle and shine as well.

Glittery eyes, bright sparkly lips and bold lashes are just so...

December 29, 2015

Some of the most time consuming  "getting ready habits" in the morning are taking a shower, shaving,  skin care products application, full face makeup, hair styling.
Taking a shower without getting you hair wet, shaving (or waxing once a month) and skin care produ...


1. A series of facials (6-12) is essential before a special day if your skin is far from perfect. Facials have to be done not less often than every month. On the other hand, if you feel good about your skin it is recommended that you get one deep cleansing faci...

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