Do you offer both makeup and hair services? 

Yes, we offer both makeup and hair services.

Do you travel to brides?

Yes, we do. We will come to your venue, hotel or house to perform our services.

Do you provide in salon services?

No, we do not have a salon space. We are an on location service provider.

Do you offer trials? 

Yes, we do offer trials not only for brides but for anyone who needs them.

Do I need a trial?

We believe that it will give you a peace of mind if you get a trial but we will do everything in our power to provide the best service even if you decide not to get a trial.

Are your trials free? 

No, our trials are not free. Refer to OUR SERVICES page for prices.

How far in advance should I make an appointment for a day of the wedding services?

3-6 months prior. However you can always check our availability on short notice. 

How long does each service take?

Its very individual but it usually takes anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours per each service.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we require 25% deposit to secure your date.

How many people are you able to do on my wedding?

As many as you have considering you have booked in advance.

Do you have contracts to sign?

Yes, we do require contract signing to protect both sides.

Do you use professional grade makeup and hair products and tools?

Yes, we do. 

Do you use disposables?

Yes we do use disposable mascara wands and eyeliner brushes.

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