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Morning "getting ready" time cut in half with these simple tricks.

December 29, 2015

Some of the most time consuming  "getting ready habits" in the morning are taking a shower, shaving,  skin care products application, full face makeup, hair styling.
Taking a shower without getting you hair wet, shaving (or waxing once a month) and skin care products application in the evening will cut your morning "getting ready time" in half because all you need to do is wash your hair, splash your face with water, apply moisturizer and light makeup in the morning.


There are several things you can do to cut your time on skin care routine in general.  For example, if you wash your face thoroughly and remove your makeup at night there will be no need to spend more time on covering imperfections later. Cleaner skin stays healthy. Plus your morning face washing will be a breeze. Other example of decreasing your beauty routine time is using mechanical exfoliation aka scrub instead of chemical peels at home. It takes 1 minute to scrub your face where home chemical peels have to be applied for minimum 10 min a

nd removed thoroughly. I have to stress that non of these has to be done in the morning.

There are several ways to cut you time during typical morning routine.
First, going to sleep earlier will lower the probability of you snoozing in the morning. 7-8 hours of sleep should be enough to wake up rested and ready to go.

Second, you don't have to use face wash in the morning if you washed your face well in the evening. Water is enough in this case. Moisturizing lotion with at least 15SPF is applied every morning to safe time and money on anti-aging beauty routine in the future because SPF is the best wrinkle prevention product.

Third, there is no need to use coverup all over your face. To cut your morning makeup time in half apply concealer under eyes lightly and cover dark spots/blemishes by tapping the brush only on the exact spot you want to cover. Blend with finger by tapping on the covered spot and surrounding area. Apply powder all over your face with big fluffy brush.
Fourth, blush, mascara and lip color are the only other products you need for every day makeup. There is no need to wear full face makeup which will also save you time.


Fifth, morning hair styling could be combined with drying process. I recommend to spray hair roots with volumizing spray  and dry hair while you bend down. This method is great for creating volume without using round brush which is very time consuming. Just smooth the ends with hair oil after you brush it through and twist it in a bun. It will be fixed by the time you are at work and you can let it out. Enjoy natural big sexy waves.

If you are not driving to work it is possible to push your makeup routine to the commute time. Also some skin care products could be used multiple ways; therefore, it will save your time on beauty routine. For example, lip balm can be used to moisturize cuticles and smooth any flaking spots on your skin. Another great multi use product is red/pink lipstick. It can also be used as cream blush which would have to be applied over powder by tapping with your ring finger and blended by clean middle finger till no edges show.

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