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      Let's talk about waxing down there like it is a normal beauty service. Exactly, BEAUTY because the first purpose of smooth hairless V area is a staple of trend in beauty... not! It's a myth that girls (and sometimes boys) want no hair their just because it's ugly to have a "beaver"! Beavers are cute, right!

     Truth is while hairless smooth labia is more attractive, nature created us this way and everything that nature creates is beautiful. But obviously it feels cleaner and requires less maintenance when the area is hair free. Although thousands of years ago hairy crotches made sense from primal point of view: we needed hair there for protection and warmth, there is no point to keep ancient tradition anymore. Therefore, underwear and pants carry primal function of hair with success nowadays.


      Now as we are more educated on "hair there" issue you will ask why do we need Brazilian wax then. "Everybody does it" is the answer and it is also another myth. The procedure is too personal to get it done because your neighbor Susie insists on its necessity. The truth is- only you should decide if Brazilian wax is your cup of tea. Moreover you should consider all aspects of the process.



      Brace yourself because you will be dying from pain during hair removal down there. Another myth that needs to be talked over. Sure, it's painful but not nearly the same as broken heart for example. Physical pain comes and goes: you never remember it and never experience it again when you think of it and it's the truth. Lidocaine spray is used in the case of low pain tolerance also, so don't sweat over 10 min a month of temporary pain.


      Furthermore, if Brazilian is done regularly every time you will feel less pain. You ask how often Brazilian supposed to be done. Answer is as soon as you see hair coming out holler your wax girl and beg to do something about it. Of course she will not do a thing because the truth is - hair removal is the most effective if done once a month. Only this frequency will reduce hair growth overtime because root is damaged only when removed at anagen stage of growth which happens every 4-5 weeks. Here the best kept secret is out! You are welcome. "Put some alcohol on it right after to make it heal faster" says no esthetician ever! No alcohol or fragranced lotion for 24 hours after wax. Sometimes, ingrown hair reducing products should be used between waxes.

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