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Pre Holiday Skin Care is the best present to your skin.


Cold weather and pre holiday stress affects our skin tremendously. Dryness, dullness and sensitivity are some but not all skin conditions bothering our skin during winter.


There are some simple ways to correct these and other skin conditions:
1. Drink more water is good old advice we have heard numerous times. New approach to it will be adding a pinch of salt to your water for better absorption. Electrolyte or Smart water will do the same trick without salt added if you are willing to pay more.


2. Clean your skin regularly and correct. Mild cream cleansers are the best this time of the year because it will lift dirt and oils from your skin without over drying it.


3. Exfoliate gently twice a week for better cell turnover. Your skin will absorb other products better if exfoliated.



4. Vitamin E oil massaged weekly into skin with upward motions will stimulate blood circulation and relieve dehydration. You can use Vitamin E supplement capsules for that.


5. Daily moisturizer with 15 SPF will protect from water evaporation and UVA sun rays (aging rays) that are present year around.


6. Use rich night cream during winter because your skin needs more nourishment when it's cold.


7. Use coconut oil to moisturizer lips. You can poor it in small plastic container and keep it in your purse for when you need to reapply.












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